Sophie Myfanwy Wellan

Sophie was born in North Wales and now lives and works in Pembrokeshire. She studied sculpture in both West Wales College of Arts and Falmouth, and has widely exhibited both nationally and internationally. Sophie has a passion for materials that drives her work. Through the process her aim is to discover the particular ‘language’ of that material, its essence and how that essence changes or vibrates when connected or juxtaposed with other materials. With plants, seeds, beeswax, precious metals and other materials taken from nature she recreates the universe as she experiences it. Her work is a dynamic relationship with the natural world, by doing this she is reaching back to a relationship with the earth, which aims to reconnect with it at a deeper level – the seasons, the movement of the planets and the growth, death and rebirth one witnesses in nature. This is an ancient language rediscovered and redefined for the twenty first century.

“Feminine and fragile, the work of Sophie Wellan invites the viewer to enter her intimate universe through the decoding of a complex web of symbols and signs. Whether it is by gluing dead bees in the shape of feminine apparel, or imprisoning a red dress in the gaol of a ruined castle, Sophie expresses in highly dramatic, and often ephemeral, gestures an anxiety in which the viewer ends up inevitably recognizing himself. In that sense Sophie extends the representation of her private world, to a universal dimension, revealing a collective existential angst. The work of Sophie Wellan distinguishes itself, not only by its symbolic depth, but also by the uniqueness of the means. Without tying herself to any artistic trend or fashion, Sophie explores in her work the own nature of the materials she uses. A piece of wood, a bee, or a cloth are not used as bases for the artistic work, but as elements interacting organically with the work itself. The combination of the powerful identity of materials used with the ultra-sophisticated and precious settings of Sophie’s works, eventually create a uniquely disquieting total experience.”

Anwar Nassar, President of Trampolim
Organizer of the exhibition Novos Britanicos, British Brazilian Center

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