Clare Ferguson-Walker

Biography I find making sculptures incredibly hard work, requiring an enormous amount of patience, but they haunt me in visions almost constantly and the only thing I can do to relive the pressure of that is to make them. I’ve come to realize that they are the language of my sub-conscious mind communicating with me and thus can be interpreted as one might do a dream. Characters, animals, symbols and positions all hold relevance and make up a kind of narrative interpretation of reality, although of course they all come from a sub-reality, another world parallel to this one.

I often don’t really know what they are about until they are finished and I can look at them and try to decipher their meaning, they are often about sadness, beauty and the concept of what that means, grief as well as joy and also often feature archetypal characters from myths and legends.

I trained as a sculptor and have always worked really hard to pursue this as a career. I have a home based workshop in Wales in the U.K where I live with my husband and two children. I work with a small team of mould-makers and casters whom I trust completely.

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