Lilwen Lewis

I was born in New Quay on the coast. I was lucky enough to go to Art College at a very young age, and went to Carmarthen, then on to Swansea School of Art to study painting and stained glass. I graduated from Cardiff University. Five wonderful years training— Fun!

I spent five years teaching Art and Craft at St Clears Secondary School painting and drawing with the children— seeing the world of art through the eyes of the children. Very inspiring. We had an old ambulance we used as the school mini bus which transported us to Art galleries and enabled us to paint and sketch outdoors, it was wonderful experience for all.

Then I got married and returned to live in New Quay and looked after my children, but I never gave up painting and exhibiting. I always carried my bag of drawing and painting equipment. I also had an Open Studio at home and my inspiration still comes from the surrounding landscape around my home. I walk with my dog through the woods or down to the sea front amongst the fishing boats, I can hear the sound of the waves from my bed at night, and my dog is used to sitting with me whilst I sketch or paint.
Sometimes I just enjoy observing the moods, the weather, the people, always changing.

I like experimenting with different mediums and techniques, going from realism through to semi abstraction.
Its exciting, you never know how a work will turn out or what it will lead to. I also like working from life, life drawing and portraits.
As long as I can spend time during the day for my art I am happy, even if it is only five minutes. Just love it, more exciting each day!

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