Ro Croxford

Living on the western edge of Wales, Ro’s love of the coastline is central to her work. A meeting place between land and sea; it is a threshold of transition, a boundary where transformation takes place.
Observations within the coastal environment inform her work – traces, imprints and marks on the land, the remnants of a weathered surface, discarded fragments left on the beach or a tiny detail found amongst the pebbles on the shoreline and the historical narrative within the shelter of the harbour wall. These encounters and experiences provide the dialogue for Ro’s paintings, revealing subtle connections and memories that are translated in the studio.
Her work provides an interface between the outer physical landscape and the inner mindscape – a visual language through which to derive meaning and understanding of ‘place’ and our connection with the natural world.
Employing a wide range of media and often incorporating collage and found ephemera, Ro’s paintings emerge from an intuitive enquiry into the physicality of materials – layering, concealing, revealing, eroding and re-working which serves as an analogy to the processes at work in the landscape. Surface, line and texture are all important elements in her compositions, the process of making directing the development of each piece.

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