Ruth Sargeant

Biography / My paintings are aimed to engage the viewer in a process of contemplation without the direct representations of a parochial landscape. An earlier resistance to work solely with a medium with a particular history and grandiose reputation has evaporated in the acceptance that watercolour, oil and acrylic, is only paint and just another material. Gesso has become a most recent delight, all mediums jostling for attention as it makes its way to the surface with its light and watery touch.

Collages are indulgent conglomerations of worried or corrupted fragments of paint, paper and canvas impressed with shards of fired clay as a nod to archaeology. Domestic detritus, cloth, thread and pins aim to put women in the picture. Works are rarely shown twice but recycled and reworked. Consequently elements develop a rich patina but a fragile hold on their origins as they become homogeneous evocations of the landscape and the human within it.

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