Ruth Sargeant

Biography / After 20 years working as a Mental Health professional, I spent 18 months living in Canada where I discovered an enthusiasm for painting, textiles and ceramics. Returning to Britain in 1997 I started a more formal educational journey which led to a first-class degree in Ceramic Art and Design from West Wales School of the Arts, University of Glamorgan, in 2009.
More usually influenced by the colours, textures and forms of the Pembrokeshire landscape, I prefer a less representational approach, allowing viewers to engage with the work in their own way. The intuitive transformation of material is at the heart of my practice, whether by fire, a sculptural use of paint or the indulgent conglomerations of recycled material with a nod to the evidence of the human in the landscape. I rarely show any work twice, preferring to recycle with the benefit of developing a rich patina.
In early spring 2020 I completed a MA module in Art and Archaeology which cemented this connection to the evolving landscape, a collaborative approach with elements within and the use of clay as an alternative canvas.

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