Jacqueline Jones

My painting is about atmosphere, space and colour. Colour itself is of prime importance to me and I revel in its properties.
Having grown up in rural Cardiganshire, the countryside has shaped both me and my work. The forms and shadows on a country lane created by pure light add fire to my imagination.
The commonplace becomes mysterious, a stone unturned is written with meaning.
It is on my walks along lane and coast that images that will make their way into paintings form. I always feel the desire to be as inventive as I can with each work. Stories, poems, and folklore also play an important part in the process. Like a painting, each myth and legend takes on a new interpretation and comes alive in texture and brushstroke.

Jacqueline Jones was born in Cardiganshire in 1967, and is a member of the Welsh Group of Artists. She attended the Dyfed College Of Art in Carmarthen, and was recently included in the show by invitation at the RCA curated by Shani Rhys James.

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