Sally James Thomas

Born in Wales and raised in North Pembrokeshire, Sally graduated from Middlesex University in 1995 with a degree in Fine Art with Sociology.

Living, working and engaging with a rural, coastal environment continually influences her use of colour, texture and subject-matter.

Through a combination of techniques, Sally explores strength and presence – contrasted with concepts of the ephemeral and disintegration. Time, space and both natural and human influences are referenced. Natural and synthetic shapes, forms and textures are integrated into her work and simulated by the exploration of materials.

The physical process of making reflects the relentlessness of the elements. Isolation and fragmentation are often inferred. Her strong interest in geology and archaeology is linked with the compression element necessary for printmaking. Printmaking is used, often not to produce multiples, but for the distinctive qualities that can be achieved.

For over 25 years Sally has exhibited throughout the UK and internationally and is currently also represented by the Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff.

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