Casa Sur & Co – Patagonian Rugs

>Short film about Casa Sur & Co / Patagonia

The Gallery has started a design collaboration with a company in Patagonia, Casa Sur & Co. We are now featuring a number of items made by this Chilean Company born in Patagonia, offering products for home decoration created with artisans from that region, made of natural fibres and 100% hand work.

The gallery has selected some of the artisan’s inspiring 100% wool Rugs, to initiate a connection with Patagonia which has such strong historic links with Wales. The work has inspired us to represent Patagonia artisans, and we hope you will find the pieces as beautiful as we do. Casa Sur & Co. sets a real connection with their land and ancestors by inviting master weavers to design the rugs, encouraging the development process at a very high standard.

Their goal is to sustain and elevate artisanal methods through a modern and contemporary design process, using natural fibres and hundred percent manual techniques and sustainable and Fair Trade practices.

To purchase, please call 01239 821514 / 07967 019028 or email
Purchase cost does not include postage, to be quoted separately on request.
0% interest payment available through CollectorPlan.