Jane Seymour

Biography – Born in 1954, Jane grew up in the countryside surrounded by the marshlands of Suffolk and the valleys and mountains of Wales.In the 90’s Jane moved to Co. Clare, Ireland, where she built a house and an art studio and began to make ceramics.
Her ceramics are all hand built. She makes coil-built vessels, which are burnished with pebbles, and smoke-fired in wood shavings and seaweed, colouring the surface with abstract smoke patterns, often re-peat smoke-firing to create layers of movement. 

Alongside these organic shapes, Jane’s makes large slab-built bowls and forms, often geometric in shape, which she etches into and textures with figurative drawings and decorative patterns. With these she attempts to create a new dynamic entity. As well as working from her own life drawings and bird sketches, she draws inspiration from great artists such as Modigliani, Gauguin, Matisse and Brancusi. These ceramics are multi-fired with layers of oxides and slips applied between each firing, and sanded down to create depth and texture. 

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